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We offer PEX tubing under floor heating systems.
What is Radiant Heat?
Energy broadcasts at the speed of light from a heated surface, usually the floor. Every object in the room absorbs this warming energy while the room temperature stays lower than with forced air. Although the floor temperature does not exceed 85 degrees F, this is all you need to evenly distribute heat where you need it - without wasting it on the ceiling.
Where can Radiant Heat be installed?
Almost any floor surface can be radiant. Radiant PEX tubing installs in new concrete slabs on gravel grade, or to cap an existing floor. Install it outdoors in order to melt ice and snow off driveways and walkways. 
Radiant PEX tubing is commonly installed in grout beds for tile and rock surfaces. It is also stapled to the top of frame floors and covered with an assortment of masonry floor underlayments. It can also be installed to the underside of plywood subfloors.
This creates warm floors by circulating warm water through plastic tubing. The pipe is embedded in the floor. These surfaces become a wonderful source of warm, silent comfort.
Take a look at a recent radiant heat install job!
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